Tyrese blasts Date who Googled his net worth…. while they had dinner!

How you gonna act like that?

Rule number 1 of dating a baller (that’s famous black celeb to us Brits), never, ever Google said baller while you’re on a date with him!

Who makes such a rookie mistake? A love interest of R&B singer Tyrese apparently. The 36 year old posted a comment on his Instagram pageduring Valentine’s Day explaining how he caught his date Googling him during their meal after he burrowed her phone to search for something. Of course, not only was she not smart enough to Google her prospective date before the date, she also forgot to clear her browser before handing him her phone- and by extension her chance of ever getting with the Grammy nominated singer/songwriter.


What an absolute waste. Ladies, if you ever get lucky enough to secure yourself a date with a hot, gorgeous specimen of a man, please Google him, his grandmother and bank details in the safety of your own home and then clear the browser…just to be sure.

You never know.

And just because it’s so apt for this situation, we thought we’d leave you with one of Tyrese’s biggest hits….You know, to remind this nice lady just what she threw away.

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