Twin Car Bombs Rock Maiduguri

Two bomb explosions have gone off in Borno state killing an estimated 50 people according to the Associated Press.

The attacks happened on Saturday night with witnesses giving reports to the AP of people running out of burning buildings with bloodied bodies.

It is thought that the first explosion was caused by a car bomb which went off leaving a number of casualties which some of the victims were attempting to attend to when the second bomb went off.

According to the Associated Press, the second bomb must have originated from a truck loaded with wood in a busy marketplace where some of the victims were said to be children dancing and people watching a football match.

Although, no particular group have claimed responsibility for the attack yet, most residents blame the attacks on Boko Haram. The group has been responsible for an increase in attacks in the region due to the military offensive being carried out by the Nigerian Military.

To make matters worse, an airstrike thought to have been launched by the Nigerian JTF in an effort to flush the terrorists out of their mountainous hideouts on Friday, killed about 20 civilians according to the Associated press. The military have however, claimed no knowledge of any civilian casualties.

This recent rise in vicious attacks in the Northern part of our country beggars the question of whether the Nigerian military is doing enough to tackle the insurgency. Residents are said to be fleeing the region and the ones who choose to stay, live in constant fear of when the next attack might happen.

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