TV Review: Lekki Wives

Hit Nigerian series, Lekki Wives premiered on TV screens in London this year, thanks to OH TV. The series based on the lives of 5 Nigerian women living in the affluent Lekki suburb in Lagos, takes a leaf off the hit US series Desperate House Wives on Wisteria Lane.

The show is full of drama, gossip and pretty much everything you would expect from a group of rich Nigerian/African women.

 The plot is thick with story lines that we’re all too familiar with in the Nigerian society. Tales of Aristos and infidelity, hiding one’s sexuality for fear of discrimination and the unending struggle to belong to the class of the rich and famous by all means.

Cleopatra, played by Nonso Young, is your typical young Naija babe married to an Aristo. She’s obviously only married him for his money and affluence and gets it off with a young dashing man on the side. She’s heavily pregnant now supposedly for ‘chief’ but who knows really? Is the baby chief’s or her boyfriend’s?

Lovette, played by Kiki Omeili is one we’re not too sure of yet. She’s had an affair with her friend’s husband so we can happily classify her in the husband snatcher category.

Miranda (Adaora Okoh) is the rich lesbian who uses her marriage to hide the truth about her sexuality. We can hardly blame her considering Nigeria’s recent anti-gay bill. Miranda is a well connected business woman who knows what’s going on with everyone, where, when and how. You don’t want to mess with this one.

Uju (Katherine Obiang, formerly Edoho) is the amebo of the bunch. She belongs to the category we Nigerians like to call ‘Feel among’. She’s not actually rich, but she knows how to find her way around rich people. She lives amongst them, is seen with them but she isn’t really a part of them.

Peace played by Keira Heywatch (nice name!) is our favourite character, and it’s not just because she has a nice name. She brings originality and emotion to a rather troubled character. Peace is your typical runs girl who’s now become born again. Unfortunately for her, her husband doesn’t exactly enjoy ‘vanilla sex’ and would like to be the ‘Christian Grey’ to her ‘Anna’.

We get to see how she struggles to stay Godly while attempting to satisfy her husband’s peculiar sexual urges.

Lekki wives will keep you entertained for most of the thirty minutes it’s on. It doesn’t tell us anything we don’t already know about our society and could do with a bit more personality injected into the characters. However, it’s one of the best produced series we’ve seen come out Nollywood.

The movie adaptation premieres in London on the 15th March at Lighthouse Camberwell, London. It’s brought to you by Cokobar London and the new TV app Un1ty tv.

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