Trying to get rid of in grown hair? Try Laser treatment

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by Temitope Beesley


Many women suffer from ingrown hair especially women with curly and/or coarse hair. Ingrown hair is a condition where hair curls back or grows sideways into the skin.

I suffered from it for years; it was a nightmare, unsightly and embarrassing. Utterly frustrating.

I tried everything and anything from daily scrubs, creams, potions and prayers but nothing worked until I did some through research and found out that if there is no hair growth then there is no ingrown hair.

So I looked into laser hair removal. Now if you’re of a darker skin complexion you need to be very careful and research the clinic that will be doing the treatment thoroughly. Not all lasers are suitable for dark skin and it can burn and leave permanent scars.

I had mine done at and totally recommend skinclinics for laser hair removal procedures. They produce fantastic results and are very professional.

From my first treatment with them, my ingrown hair reduced by 25% . You’ll need to have it done every 6 weeks and need about 8 treatments. After the second session, my ingrown hair had reduced by about 35%. 8 sessions later, my hair growth reduction was about 80% so I only shave every 3 months if I feel like it, because you only grow fine baby hair.

I am very pleased with my results and I don’t feel insecure about my bikini area anymore. It’s been a life changing experience that anyone with ingrown hair problems should definitely try.

Laser Treatment at Skin Clinics- 8 sessions cost £960

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