Touching Diary Of Sick Five Year Old Ashya King’s Brother Will Make You Cry

Aysha King was diagnosed with a brain tumour in July at only 5 years old. His brother Naveed King has kept an online  journal on his Facebook page detailing Aysha’s treatments and progress since he was admitted into hospital.

With pictures and videos, Naveed tells a story of a family trying to come to terms with what must be an emotionally draining and  harrowing experience, but through it all, he remains upbeat encouraging friends, family and other church members to pray for his little brother and family.


Naveed’s Journal

July 23

“Ashya last night was diagnosed with brain tumour and will be getting an emergency operation in the next 15 minutes, so please add him to your prays to make it through the operation”

July 29

“I went to visit Ashya today and sadly I had misunderstood his progress, by a lot. When I first entered the room my first words were “Hi Ashya” I was expecting his head to turn and look to see who entered the room but sadly he isn’t even able to move his eyes, when he opens his eyes he looks straight ahead, if you wish for him to see you, you have to stand in the direction his eyes are looking at, but as far as I know he is able to hear. I had heard news that he was able to move his legs, but what was actually happening was that his leg would jerk but not move at all. After his operation its common in most scenarios that your body is unmovable, but in his case he isn’t able to move any part of his body including his eyes, or even to laugh (I tried many times to make him laugh but he seems to choke when trying to make him do so). But coming back to the story of when I first entered the room, his reaction was tear-worthy, his emotion of just hearing my voice was of such great motivation that me, my mum and my dad cried instantly, as before he wasn’t responding that well at all. But for him to show emotions of just hearing my voice was spectacular, even without seeing my face he knew my voice and he started to scream but in a form of very little facial expression.

aysha1As far as we have been told he may be hospital bound for months, the hospital said that the longest person to stay in the hospital with his circumstance was of 3 months. Even when he arrives home in a few months he will still be very weak and may be unable to perform many tasks that he could perform previous. I didn’t want to write anymore because I don’t wish to cry, but please continue to pray for Ashya to recover. *Just to explain some of the images, he currently has 2 tubes coming out of the top of his head to drain brain fluid, and he has around 4-5 needles/tubes in his body for easy access to get blood and insert food and other fluids* *The operation was at the back of his head near the spine*”

After news broke on Friday that Aysha had been taken away from Southampton General hospital where he had been receiving treatment by his dad, the police have began a man hunt across borders with Interpol and the Spanish police now involved in the search for the family as fears increase that little Aysha’s power charged feeding tube would have gone off by now.


Police believe that the family may have headed to Spain as the family are said to hold strong family and business ties in the Spanish resort of Marbella.


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  1. Susan Olifent
    Aug 31, 2014 - 11:43 PM

    When I first heard your story it took me back to sally roberts story with her son neon, she wanted the best treatments for neon so took him away from hospital and then began a witch hunt, the media were horrendous in handling her story. I think its a disgrace that as parents we cant choose what we believe to be the best options for our children when they are so sick. I totally understand why you would rather go for the proton therapy as opposed to the typical radiotherapy, which I know killed my own father and father in law (it wasnt the cancer they died of but the treatments). My husband rob and I will be praying for ashya and all your family, as I am sure many many other people will, please dont ever give up, there is always hope, god bless, sue and robert olifent. x


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