Tory MP Douglas Carswell Announces Shock Move To UKIP

Further heartache for an already struggling David Cameron as one of his MP’s Eurosceptic Douglas Carswell announced he was defecting to UKIP.

The Clacton MP sent shock waves around the conservative party on Thursday morning after making his announcement to scathing reactions from his former Tory colleagues who have said that the MP will ‘regret his decision’.

Conservative MP’s expressed their shock at the announcement even though many admitted they were aware that Carswell was disaffected at David Cameron’s policies on the EU.

Tory backbencher Bernard Jenkin told the BBC, “Douglas will regret making this move because the more Tory voters defect to Ukip, the more likely it becomes that Ed Miliband becomes prime minister”.

Nigel Farage has welcomed the former conservative, hailing him for his ‘brave’  and ‘honourable’ decision. He also took a dig at other wardrobe UKIP’s within the Tory party saying, “I don’t think it is any great secret there are now a number of MPs sitting on the Conservative benches and indeed some now sitting on the Labour benches who hold Ukip’s views very strongly.”

Carswell’s decision will trigger a by election and if he retains his sit, he could go down in history as the first UKIP MP.

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