Thrift shopping for designer items just got easier with new online shopping store Messina Hembry

Love your designer goods but don’t want to fork out a thousand pounds to rock the latest trends? There’s an online store for that. When shopping for designer pieces at affordable prices, our natural impulse would be to check out eBay, Amazon and the likes, and now, a new concept store has launched joining these two enterprises in the pre loved designer sales category.

Messina Hembry  offers Vintage clothing, retro apparel and pre-loved designer wear to the teaming bevy of fashionistas who’ve embraced thrift shopping in recent times as these trends have quickly become favourites with the latest generation of style setters. While in the past, they’ve had to resort to rummaging through thrift shops or scouring online marketplaces for hidden gems, this new concept store showcases a curated collection of items, available 24/7.

Unfortunately, with the rise in popularity of pre-loved designer threads has come an increased risk of fraud. Counterfeit goods have emerged as a major problem in online marketplaces, with sites such as eBay and Gumtree continually falling victim to cases of product deception. While the companies themselves do not set out to dupe buyers, the sheer size of the seller base means that stringent mediation is impossible. Underpinned by a rigorous quality control process, Messina Hembry stands behind every item that hits its virtual shelves.

A spokesperson for the brand had this to said, “Heading online is a fantastic way for fashionistas to snap up incredible bargains and shop a much wider range of garments. However marketplaces such as eBay and Gumtree are largely unmediated which means that buyers are often left underwhelmed with their purchases. Messina Hembry is reimagining the concept of virtual marketplaces for pre-loved clothing, with an in-house team of curators that meticulously screens, photographs and describes each and every garment.”

Check out the store at and tell us what you think!


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