Three things Nigerians want President Muhammadu Buhari to sort- Power, corruption and unemployment

It’s only a few hours to the inauguration of Nigeria’s president elect General Muhammadu Buhari into office on Friday, the 29th May. Foreign dignitaries including the US Secretary of State John Kerry have already arrived in Nigeria ahead of the celebrations and the man of the moment Buhari himself has been photographed arriving the country from London flanked by his family.

As Nigerians begin to look forward to what has been termed a ‘new beginning’ in Nigeria’s future, many have already begun to express what they feel the President should tackle first amongst the country’s myriad of problems. Chief among the list is Power. Nigeria, despite being the biggest economy in Africa still suffers from crippling power supply despite the privatisation of the sector and various reforms by successive governments, constant electricity is still an elusive theory in a country littered with generators and inverters.

In the past week alone, some areas of the country reportedly went without electricity for up to 72 hours after oil marketers went on strike over pay disputes under the current government.

Corruption has always been a huge problem for Nigeria and General Buhari is seen as a strong hand who can clean up the country and get rid of corrupt officials. How well he’d be able to achieve this considering how entrenched the problem is at all levels in the country will be a huge test of his administrations success.

Youth unemployment, education, the missing Chibok girls and regulation of the country’s oil sector are also top amongst the list of concerns for many Nigerians, as seen in this cross section of tweets on the BBC Africa timeline. The news organisation asked its followers to tweet what they wanted the President to focus on first during his first few months in office using the hashtag #dearbuhari.

It’s safe to say that if the new president only sorts out the country’s power sector at the very least, he may easily go down as the most popular leader ever to have ruled Africa’s most populous nation.

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