Three G4S guards cleared over death of Jimmy Mubenga

Three G4S security guards who were escorting a man from Angola during his deportation have been cleared of Manslaughter charges at the Old Bailey.

Jimmy Mubenga, died after being restrained while on a plane as he was being deported back to his native Angola on the 12th of October 2010.

Colin Kaler, 51, from Bedfordshire, Terrence Hughes, 53, from Hampshire, and Stuart Tribelnig, 38, from Surrey, who all denied the charge during the trial had been accused of using excessive force while restraining Mr Mubenga.

After cooperating with the guards before and as he got on the Boeing 777, Mr Mubenga reportedly put in restraints during the flight and passengers onboard the flight said they heard him complain that ‘he couldn’t breathe’.

During the trial, the jury were able to recreate the scene that led to Mr Mubenga’s death, via a specially constructed replica of the plane Mubenga had been deported in. Jurors were asked to put their hands over their heads and then have them handcuffed while they sat in their seats in the same way the 46 year old had been restrained on the fateful flight.

My Mubenga died from cardiac arrest 35 minutes after he was restrained. He had been in the UK since 1996 when he moved here with his wife Adrienne Kambana. He was arrested for actual bodily harm in 206 which led to the process of his deportation, which he fought till 2010. Mr Mubenga’s widow Adrienne sat in court for most of the trial and showed no emotion as the verdict was read out according to the Guardian.

His death led to protests within the UK black community and human rights groups who demanded an inquiry into the handling of deportees during extradition.

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