Three days until the Scottish referendum-what do the polls say?

It is now less than a week-three days to be precise until the Scottish referendum on independence begins, and the most recent of the poll trackers show that the “No” vote stands over the “Yes” vote, but only just.

According to the opinion poll made by YouGov, 50% would be voting No, with 6% saying that they do not know what their decision will be, leaving those voting “Yes” at 45%. ICM however, makes the lead by the “No” vote much narrower at 42%, with the “Yes” vote at 40% with more people unsure of their decision, coming up to 17%.

As the independence vote comes closer, lines are now becoming clearer as people start taking sides and declaring their support for each side of the vote. Pro-independence business figures includes Stagecoach chairman Brian Souter, former William Hill chief executive Ralph Topping, Scottish Enterprise board member Russel Griggs and Kiln Group chief executive Marie Macklin.

Altogether they wrote in a joint statement: “Scotland has always had the wealth, the talent and the resources. We are among the 20 wealthiest countries in the world. But during the last few weeks we’ve seen something new- a flourishing of national self-confidence. This gives us the strongest of foundations for a newly independent country.

“Downing Street has been orchestrating a relentless storm of scare stories. But while the ‘No’ campaign talks down Scotland we are determined to focus on opportunity.”

In England, footballer David Beckham, former captain of the England team backed the “No” campaign: “What unites us is much greater than what divides us. Let’s stay together.”

However Vivienne Westwood has declared her support for Scottish independence saying that she was “very unpatriotic about England because it is being completely ruined” during her Red Label 2015 show at London Fashion Week.

The Prime Minister himself is due to travel to the north east of Scotland, to declare that there would be “no way back” if Scotland votes “Yes” to leave the UK. He will also urge voters not to use resentment at the coalition government, austerity or the Bedroom Tax as an excuse to vote “Yes” either.

Meanwhile the first minister Alex Salmond has accused the prime minister of scaremongering, “caught red handed” encouraging supermarkets to speak out, and describing the alleged leaking by the Treasury of details about RBS’s future as “a very major scandal”.

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