This is proof Erykah Badu is the coolest celeb in the world

Erykah Badu celebrated a very peculiar one year anniversary during the week. There are many milestones celebrated on social media- the one thousandth follower, the five thousandth tweet and so on. The 44 year old soul singer told her almost 3 million Facebook followers that she was marking her one year anniversary since she began managing her own Facebook account.

Badu is well known for her hands on and unconventional approach and how she relates to her fans (whom she calls her ‘family’) is no different. While most celebrities have a team in place posting unto their social media profiles on their behalf with the exception of maybe Instagram and Twitter, Badu manages her own content, doing a great job of keeping fans abreast of what’s going on in her life, from concerts to holidays.

Photo: Erykah Badu

Photo: Erykah Badu

Badu wrote: “Happy 1 year Anniversary me. . .Tho this is technically my “fan page”, I have treated it like a personal family page. Cause I ain’t got fans – I got fam.
It’s been 1 YEAR since I have administrated and personally posted every single thing you see on this page ; Not excluding creating digi content and creating flyers for shows and sharing my intimate and personal self etc.
I am a very hands on artist who takes great care and pride in any work I do big or small.
I want to personally thank everyone who has contributed to making my work enjoyable and rewarding.
It’s a pleasure being of service.”

What’s even more impressive? She chats to fans who comment on her posts sharing cheeky jokes and banter. How cool is this woman?



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