The Scoop with Enzo Jiovarni- Why Diddy punched Drake and Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran in new love triangle

by Enzo Jiovarni


Murder Witness (Floyd Mayweather, Earl Hayes & Stephanie Moseley)

Stephanie Moseley

Stephanie Moseley

Unfortunately this time around, I’m starting my weekly buzz with something a bit distressing. If you haven’t heard by now, then you’re about to get the low down. VH1 star and member of TMT (The Money Team) has committed murder suicide.

Not many people know about the Rapper Earl Hayes and his wife Stephanie Moseley from the VH1 series Hit the Floor. For those who don’t know, Earl Hayes is the son of singer songwriter and actor Isaac Hayes. Isaac is mostly known for his appearance throughout the Kill Bill franchise and being the voice of the South Park character Chef.  TMZ sources reported that “Earl Hayes rang WBC and WBA welterweight world champion Mayweather and told him he was going to kill his wife.”  Champion boxer Mayweather reportedly pleaded with the rapper not to do it, but Earl carried out the murder before turning the gun on himself.

Floyd Mayweather finally sat down last Wednesday with Los Angeles Police Dept (LAPD) for an interview lasting nearly 2 hours explaining to the LAPD what he knew and witnessed the night of the murder suicide. Law enforcement sources told TMZ that Mayweather confirmed the story that was first reported on TMZ. Mayweather describes the event that morning stating he was on FaceTime to the VH1 star Monday morning when the star walked away from the phone into the bathroom and shot his wife Stephanie Moseley multiple times. He went on to tell detectives that after Hayes Shot his wife, he came back to the phone and continued talking to him, the boxer then reports that Hayes said he was going to kill himself, a few moments after pleading with him not to, shots rang out. Mayweather denies riling the Rapper up. The rapper thought his wife was cheating on him, being so emotional he committed the horrific act. It’s a shame to say we have unfortunately lost the life of an amazing woman in this series of unfortunate events; Stephanie Moseley will be missed by the many people she touched in her life.


Bad Hair Day, Just got worse (Halle Berry)

Many of us have had the pleasure of saying Halle Berry has been our WCW (Women Crush Wednesday) for as long as she has been on our screen. But for the 48 year old X-Men star,  the sun’s not shinning  in California, as the big war that she’s stuck in with her Ex lover Gabriel Aubry  has become worse when it surfaced that he made a unaccepted racial comment against the actress  and mother of his child. Court papers show that Halle Berry accused him of causing their daughter psychological damage by straightening and dying her hair blond.

Halle Berry, with ex hubby and daughter Nahla. Photo: justJared

Halle Berry, with ex hubby and daughter Nahla. Photo: justJared

The judge banned both Berry and Aubry from further changing six year old Nahla’s hair; as well as reprimanding Gabriel for the racial statements against Halle. Miss Berry is now trying to cut Gabriel’s monthly child support payments as she believes he’s not a positive influence in their daughters life.

Halle Berry also stated something which I feel I have to go a little deeper into. Halle Berry stated “If you straighten and change her hair so much, it will leave her wondering why her natural appearance isn’t good enough.”  Many of us don’t know how fragile a girl’s ego and esteem is. If you damage a girl’s esteem before she even knows she has one, what kind of person does that make you? I make sure that the women and girls in my life know how beautiful they are because not every girl feels beautiful, but every girl should. We attack people on their image not realising or thinking about the pain and damage it causes or may cause. Beyoncé wasn’t lying when she said Pretty Hurts. We aim for perfection and seem to all have our own opinion of what is perfect. I will end on the note that Perfection doesn’t exist; everyone has a different idea of what their concept of perfection is, just because someone is not ‘perfect’ in your eyes doesn’t mean they are not perfect, everyone is perfect in their own unique beautiful way and that’s how it should be.







The Romance is a Lie (Chris Brown & Karrueche Tran)

For the last two years we have seen Breezy and Miss Tran in one slightly functional on off relationship. However, we are sad to say the couple are now off again for what looks like the final time; but you know how Chris is, he never does anything without making it an explosion.

Chris is claiming that Karrueche has not been faithful and the whole time he was locked away from the world she was flying back and forth from LA to Canada to have a private affair with Young Money rapper Drake. In recurrence to the topic, Karrueche says “I refuse to be repeatedly mistreated by someone that claims to love me. That’s not love. And if that’s what you define as love then I don’t want it.” She continues on by stating “If you can’t love me the right way then don’t love me at all.” And ends by saying “Don’t be mad at me because I prefer to be happy.” To me that just sounds like a girl who’s fed up of the same old same old. Sources claim that he used to like Rihanna’s Bikini pictures and wore a necklace given to him by the Pour it Up singer, sources then go on to say she was tired of being disrespected publically due to the picture of young model Kendall Jenner sitting on his lap.


Taking it back to the Drake problem, Drake hit back by saying Karrueche wasn’t his type and its all lies. Now I know what you’re thinking. We all thought Chris and Drake was all good after the beef but nothing good last long right? I don’t know what will happen with Karrueche and Breezy, but I hope they learn to be civil soon as I don’t see that happening right now.


Puff Diddy more like Punch Diddy (Diddy & Drake)

Diddy reportedly punched rapper Drake outside a Miami Club Monday morning. TMZ reported that the 45 year old musician attacked Drake over the song 0 To 100/The Catch Up which just earned the YOLO rapper two Grammy nomination. Diddy and Drake were meant to collaborate on the song but Diddy was ‘sitting on it’ which had Drake frustrated so Drake decided to go ahead without Diddy. Diddy confronted him at the night club, this being the first time the two have been in the same place since the song’s release, and well ladies and gentlemen. once again the rest is history. So all in all this has not been a good week for Drizzy Drake. Will he and Diddy ever mend the broken friendship? … I don’t really care. Good luck to the both of them.




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