The Scoop with Enzo Jiovarni- Ludacris’ surprise wedding, Idina Menzel and Taye Diggs finalise divorce

by Enzo Jiovarni


The start of an Empire

It Seems like FOX network has just scored big with their new Hip Hop drama series ‘Empire’. Last Wednesday was the US premier of the new network television series starring Terrence Howard and Taraji P Henson. From watching the premiere episode, I was greatly impressed with the plot and storyline so far.


(Spoiler Alert- a basic outline of the plot) Terrence Howard plays Lucious Lyon a multimillionaire who owns Empire Records, Lyon finds out he has ALS, a disease that affects the nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord and has up to three years to live. He then decides he needs to groom a successor out of one of his three sons Andre Lyon played by Trai Byers, Jamal Lyon played by Jussie Smollett and Hakeem Lyon played by Bryshere Gray. Each son is completely different from each other Andre is more the businessman and ruthless type the ideal candidate to be the successor, Jamal is a songwriter who is also dealing with the neglect his father gives him for being homosexual and lastly is the youngest son, Hakeem is pretty much how you think a young black boy with money is like, arrogant, spoilt and thinks he’s the next big rapper. Taraji P Henson plays mother of all three boys and ex wife of Lucious, Cookie Lyon. Cookie spent 17 years in prison to come out to a multimillion dollar company that she started, so of course she wants what’s hers. That and a lot more is in the premier episode so I advise everyone to check out the trailer or just check it out.

This new television series has immediately hooked me, I’m not completely sure when or if this is set to be released in the UK but I hope it will be released and soon. This show has the advantage of being filled with a long list of familiar actors, so it would be something to look forward to on a week night.


Ludacris wedding Surprise

So Ludacris definitely had an exciting week. The How Low rapper tied the knot with long time girlfriend Eudoxie Mbouguiengue the same day he proposed, now that’s Ludacris. The ceremony took place after he took her out for dinner in Georgia, then brought her home, the wedding dress was draped over a piece furniture. Sources say he made it a surprise, Eudoxie had no idea. It was an intimate ceremony with only a few family and friends.

A few days later, the couple flew to Costa Rica where they are currently honeymooning. Eudoxie looked stunning in the floor-length white halter dress picked out by the mother of the groom, complemented with a bouquet of pastel colours which she held.  Ludacris wore a black suit with a white shirt and no tie. They both looked amazing and a dream on their special day.

But in life, it is said where there’s happiness sorrow soon follows, as Ludacris’ baby mom spoke out on the wedding as a bad attempt to win the custody battle. According to TMZ Ludacris is about to have a lot more to worry about, his ex Tamika Fuller accused the newlyweds of having a quickie wedding  just to win favour in court in order to gain full custody of their daughter Cai. TMZ reported sources close to Tamika said that she views the wedding as a ploy to show the court that he has a stable and loving house to offer his daughter. The exes are in battle over the one year old each parent claiming they are a more capable and fit guardian. Tamika was demanding $7,000 a month for child support, Ludacris is sure that he is the better parent out of the two. Tamika and Ludacris real (name Christopher Bridges) are set to go to war later this month in Georgia.


It’s time to ‘Let it Go’ Idina Menzel

Taye Diggs with Idina Menzel. Photo:

Taye Diggs with Idina Menzel. Photo:


The Frozen actress has finalised her divorce with actor Taye Diggs. The couple who met doing the original Broadway production of ‘Rent’ back in 1996 have been separated for a year. They first announced their split in December 2013 after 10 years of marriage.  TMZ obtained the court documents, the couple quietly finalised their divorce on December 3rd 2014. A month after Taye filed for divorce, both of them said their primary focus was their son, 5 year old Walker Nathaniel Diggs.

In June 2014 Taye participated in an interview with Redbook in which he opened up about his separation and failed marriage. He said he wasn’t surprised at the public’s reaction to the split. “There weren’t a lot of couples like us in the theatre community,” he said. “It was easy for people to root for us.”  Taye then made a public appearance with new girlfriend Amanza Smith at the 2014 BET awards last June.

Idina also revealed her emotions in regards to the split and about being single for the first time in 10 years. The Let It Go singer told Redbook in November 2014 that she is now ready and open to dating, but she doesn’t have much time for it. She spoke saying “They’d have to meet me at, like, midnight after the show, and that’s kind of slutty, isn’t it?”

The couple have a beautiful son and from reading other articles and seeing how quick and carefully they’ve finalised this, really shows that they have care and have a mutual respect for each other. I wish them both the best as the venture on in separate lives, I’m pretty sure they’ll do great things.

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