The Great British Bake Off- How An Ice Cream Controversy Caused A Melting Storm

Who would have thought a nice, seemingly safe family show could cause such a furore? Last night, the hottest show on the block currently (celebrity big what?) stirred up a social media storm…..the scandal of it! All over an ice cream.

One of our favourite contestants…bearded Ian was sent off for presenting the everly composed judges Mary berry and Paul Hollywood a binned version of what would have been his baked Alaskan.

The duo chastised the Irish man for not presenting his (unfinished) work of art in whatever state it was to them with Berry branding it ‘unacceptable’.


The Scandal

There was a very good reason Ian Watters was not able to present his Alaskan, it had melted.

This particular episode was filmed in June admittedly by Hollywood on the hottest day of the year with temperatures in the tent soaring up to 30 degrees. Pure cruelty considering the bakers had to turn out freezing delicacies in pristine condition in time for the judges arrival.

With all the usual chaos that trails the baking tent, tempers flaring, pressure building, and puddings crumbling,  it would seem that fellow baker Diana Beard had removed Watters Ice Cream from the freezer without informing him or so the show editor’s would have us believe. What ensued was fine drama worthy of an Eastenders episode.

Even though judge Hollywood took to twitter to proclaim that said work of bake was only left out for about 40 seconds, it was enough to do the damage. Watters returned to find his ice cream was melting and panic ensued with Beard delivering the nailing line ‘But got your own freezer’ (later to be the subject of various internet memes). In frustration, he dumped the Alaskan into the bin and stalked out of the tent….probably to dream of different ways to vent his frustration on his fellow contestant.

Cue in worried looks and comments from some of the other bakers asking if ‘he was ok’, of course he wasn’t ok…his ice cream has just gone into melt down!

Then came judging time and you had to feel sorry for Hatters when he sheepishly brought the binned Ice cream forward to the judges explaining what had happened but the judges weren’t buying it and he was subsequently sent home.


And then the hashtag was born. Twitter went into overdrive even up to three hours after the show had been aired, fans were still fuming at what called the injustice of what had happened. Words like #scandal, #justiceforian and so on began trending,  so much so that presenter Sue Perkins had to wade in to defend the show.


Perkins tweeted,” I can’t actually believe I’m wading into this… (And wading is the operative word…) Big love to anyhow. What a gent x” and then chastising the #justiceforian army, “All getting a little inflamed for my liking. Am off. This is a show about CAKES. Please, let’s save the ire for real stuff. Peace & out x”. 

Even Wikipedia got in on the joke with the bio website adding after Beard’s role in the programme…the Ice Cream scandal.

Never has a programme about cakes stirred up so much ‘ire’, but whether it was clever editing or not….it was an episode to remember.



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