The Great British Bake Off: First Impressions

You will all be aware of the last Great British Bake Off episode’s scandal, where one of the contestants, Iain Watters tearfully walked out after discovered that his dessert, the Baked Alaska had been taken out of the freezer too soon by fellow contestant Diana Beard. Of course this led to Iain’s dessert melted and ruined, and him throwing the remains in the bin, storing out of the GBBO tent.

Of course, with nothing to show for his efforts, Iain had to be booted off the show, and Diana being infamously painted as the “ice-cream melting supervillain”. However this is review is not focussing on that scandal alone. Instead, this will be my first impressions of The Great British Bake Off.

The whole contest, typically enough is very British in tone, with the tent set in the backdrop of what looks to be a manor, and the posh, high-class tones of the judges, Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood that taste the food of the contestants. Despite this, it is good to see that it is sill culturally diverse, and that the contestants are allowed to add in their own quirks and styles to the dish.

There is that incredibly cheesy, light-hearted music that plays in the background, which makes the show feel a lot more….safe, in comparison to other competitions such as Masterchef, Big Brother and X Factor. There is also the synced in history lesson about different baking dishes and how they have been culturally significant in different UK cities.

Overall, despite the fact that the recipes have quite slyly had some of its details scrubbed out, the show does not feel all that competitive or tense. It’s mostly a feel good show, easily compared to the likes of the drama Atlantis. Its main attraction point, is the mishaps and the effort put in by the contestants to put their creations together, and not really what they are working towards.

I would say if you have a more than casual interest in baking, then you would really enjoy this show. As for me, who isn’t really passionate about it, its watchable, maybe even good enough to bring you in, but it’s really down to the wire on whether you would sit to watch it a second time.

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