Ten of the biggest musicals of all time, both in Broadway and West End

This week we celebrate the victory of the legendary Disney franchise The Lion King, as the musical version of the story has this month grossed more money at the box office than any other show or film in history, with worldwide ticket sales passing the number of $6.2billion(which is £3.8bn) this summer,  which is more than cinema hits such as Star Wars, Avatar (which earned $2.8billion) and even the Broadway behemoth that is Phantom of the Opera.

However, the musical genre has always been a mysterious one: Always in the corner of your eye, constantly advertised as you travel through the Tube, however not a lot of people have said that they have actually gone to see a musical, unless for a school trip or some other obligatory duty.

And yet there is still a healthy, even thriving industry in theatre musicals, as Lion King has proved. And every industry has its members that shine just a little bit brighter than its counterparts. So are these bright starts, that the Lion King had to contend with to earn is prize at the top?

Here are just a few of them, ten of the biggest musicals of all time from both sides of the Atlantic, in Broadway and the West End!

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