Teen Rape Victim Fights Back At Internet Trolls After Rape Photos Went Viral

A teenager who was involved in an alleged rape incident in Houston in the US has fought back at internet trolls after photos of the alleged assault appeared on twitter with bullies mocking her.

16-year-old Jada became the victim of internet memes on social media after bullies mocked pictures of her as she lay on the floor unconscious and half-dressed at the party where the alleged abuse took place.

The pictures went viral in a short time with twitter users posting photos of themselves mimicking her pose with the hashtag #jadapose. Her alleged attacker also repeatedly joined in to mock her by calling her a snitch.

Jada said her drink was spiked at the party and that she wasn’t even aware of the assault until she saw photos of herself. She has waved her right to anonymity and taken the fight back to the bullies who tried to smear her with their twitter campaign.

Since she posted a photo of herself flexing her muscles in a show of strength and defiance with the hashtag #IAMJADA, thousands of people have shown solidarity by also tweeting photos of themselves in the same pose using the hashtag.




Her experience has renewed calls from women’s groups to put a stop to internet bullying and bring trolls to justice.

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