Summer Dress Styles

Finally we can take a break from our jeans and leather trousers and bring out our Summer dresses from the back of the closet. Here are some dresses that are perfect for Summer and ideas on how to style them – taking them from day to night!


1. The Maxi Dress

This dress definitely is most popular in Summer. Simple, easy to throw on and great for hot days! People used to think that maxi dresses were only suited those blessed with height, however, that myth has thankfully been busted for a while! Any woman of any size or height can wear a maxi dress!
Styling ideas for a maxi dress:

Styling the maxi dress


2. The Midi Dress

Longer hemlines are definitely in and the midi dress has been a favourite for 2014 so far. The more elegant, lady like length makes this dress great for both casual and dressed up occasions.
Styling ideas for a midi dress:


3. The Mini Dress

If your legs are your favourite body part then the mini dress is for you. Some rules however – if bending over means exposing everything the dress is too short, and if you are showing off your legs then make sure your cleavage is covered! 2014 hasn’t seen a huge surge in mini dresses however if done tastefully they can be great.
Styling ideas for a mini dress:



4. The Tea Dress

A dress of ‘tea’ length typically falls somewhere between the midi and the mini dress although there are many different opinions on what a tea dress actually is. Tea dresses do tend to have fuller skirts or more A-line type skirts as opposed to a fitted midi dress. These are great for Summer as they are fun and flirty and give a very classic look.
Styling ideas for a tea dress:

Tea dress


What is your favourite type of Summer dress? Let us know in the comment box below.

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