Still feeling bloated from the roast potatoes at Christmas? Try these ideas to detox through to 2015

We all know the feeling of a bloated stomach after the turkey and the roast potatoes from Christmas, when eating your mum’s cooking is almost a test of her affection that you must pass. Well, a good detox may just be the thing to restore you back to the light and cleansed feeling.

Stay hydrated:

8 glasses a day keeps the toxins at bay. Water flushes out all the toxins and keeps you feeling cleansed.

Super fruits:

Blueberries should be the first little guys on your shopping list for the new year. Boosting with Vitamin K and C, these berries are great antioxidants and make an ideal mid morning snack.

Avocados are another wonder food. With unsaturated fats (the good kind!), these creamy treats make ideal snacks with rice cakes or crackers, with a squeeze of lemon and a sprinkle of black pepper. Avocados are full of oleic acid, which helps with weight loss and lowering cholesterol.

Green Tea – there is a reason it has had its place in the limelight, it aids metabolism significantly and overall cleanse the body with its huge contribution of antioxidants.

Lemon is another super food that you cannot go wrong with. With high levels of vitamin C, lemon also aids metabolism and cleanses your body for supple skin and lowering inches. Slice a whole lemon and leave it in a water bottle to brew over night. Enjoy through the day.

Salmon, leaner than red meat and full of Omega 3 oils, this fish makes a perfect snack (with cracker, rice cakes or coupled with avocados) or an ideal meal (salmon tagliatelle – alternate cream for creme fraiche for a healthier option)

Snack wisely: 

Boredom eating and binge eating – because you haven’t had enough between meals, is the main culprit for those extra pounds, and the impaired judgement (from the hunger, of course) leads to eating anything you can get your hands on. This is where snacks come in – plan them, pack them, wisely! Carry around a bag of almonds or walnuts, full of healthy fats and oils. They keep you satisfied till the next meal and are light on the calories (30 pistachios equals 100 calories!)

Detox teas: 

Bootea is a much talked about drink, many celebrities and fitness gurus have endorsed this product on social media (, a morning and night supplement flushes out toxins and make you feel a pound or two lighter.

If the festive time was brutal on your wallet, opt for a cheaper, yet equally effective version – Slimatee ( With senna and fennel seeds, this tea will have you waking up feeling lighter and happier about the gluttonous patterns over the holidays.





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