“Do You Speak Nigerian?”- Oxford University Students Protest Against Stereotypes

65 Oxford students launched a campaign in the University to bring attention to the communal disaffection felt by students of colour at the University.

The campaign was initiated following the ‘I, too, am Harvard’ campaign by black students in Harvard University who were protesting the prejudice faced by students of colour at the elite University.

A statement on the campaign Tumblr page reads,

Hopefully this project will demonstrate that despite there being a greater number of students of colour studying at Oxford now than there has ever been before, there are still issues that need to be discussed. In participating in ‘I, Too, Am Oxford,’ students of colour are demanding that a discussion on race be taken seriously and that real institutional change occur.

From the messages on the placards, it’s obvious that this is an issue faced across the board by ALL students of colour.

Any one who’s studied at a UK University would have been asked some of these questions at one time or the other or faced similar stereotypes during their time at University and even afterwards.

It’s bad enough that a lot of people of colour have to jump through hoops to make it into elite universities even though they are just as intelligent as white students, but to think that they’re place in such an institution is questioned by their own peers, is unforgivable.

It is rather unfortunate that in 2014, with all the groundbreaking achievements and contributions of people of colour to our society, questions such as these are still being asked.

Some of the questions really bother on the verge of ignorance while some are just downright rude.

Next time someone asks you whether Africa is a country or some similar load of bile, don’t just walk on by, give them a very good education on the continent and all the beauty it inhabits.

And yes, there are baboons and elephants in Africa, just as there are sky scrapers and metropolitan cities.

Oh, did we mention that there are cars and other mobile forms of transportation too? Just checking.







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Photo Credit: All photos courtesy of I, too, am Oxford Tumblr page.

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