Spanish Missionary Infected With Ebola Dies In Madrid

A Spanish Priest who caught the Ebola virus while working at a Catholic Hospital in Liberia has died in Madrid.

Miguel Pajares had been flown to Madrid last week after testing positive for the virus and had been receiving the controversial Zmapp drug also used to treat two Americans who had contracted the virus.

The United states has come under criticism from African countries where the disease has now killed up to a thousand with some questioning the selected use of the drug on American citizens only.

This prompted a response from President Barack Obama and the manufacturers of the drug who claim the validity of the drug is yet to be established as it had only been previously produced in small quantities and tested so far only on Monkeys, hence, any side effects or cure could not be guaranteed.

The World Health Organisation has now approved the ethical use of the drug given the devastating scale of the outbreak which health experts are calling the worst in history.

In Nigeria, authorities have stepped up border security to prevent any more transfer of persons already infected with the disease from other countries after a Liberian American man collapsed shortly after arrival in the country and died as a result of contracting the disease.

One of the medics who treated him- a nurse has now also died from Ebola.

The disease has caused relative panic in Africa’s most populous country with rumours of a cure and prevention rife.

A text message being circulated last week claimed that bathing and drinking salt water could prevent the disease as the government and health officials rushed to debunk the rumours.



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