South Africa’s opposition party leader on trial for corruption

South Africa’s leader of the opposition party, Julius Malema will be going on trial to face charges on fraud, money laundering and racketeering.

Mr Malema was a former African National Congress (ANC) youth leader and is known for campaigning against corruption and helping South Africa’s black poor. Now currently head of the Economic Freedom Fighters, he faces 700 charges of corruption, and can lose his seat in parliament in convicted.

Malema himself denies all the allegations, saying for good measures that they are politically motivated.

He formed the EFF in 2012, when he was kicked out of the ANC in 2012 after a fall-out with President Zuma. Launched in the midst of the Marikana killings, where police killed 34 miners on strike, appealing to the black poor of South Africa earned the part supporters in the thousands.

During the presidential elections in August, Mr Malema would disrupt proceedings within parliament my leading chants of “Pay Back the Money” against President Zuma, who was accused of using $24m (£14.7m) of public money to upgrade his house.

But Mr Malema himself owes $1.6m in unpaid taxes.

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