No Sign Of Missing Malaysian Airline- 6 Days After Disappearance

A joint search operation involving Malaysia, China, India and Vietnam has failed to produce any results in the search for the missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370.

The aircraft vanished from the radar 2 hours into its flight destined for China from Malaysia, with no prior distress calls made by the crew.

There has been more speculations than facts since the search began 6 days ago. Security agencies have since discovered that two of the passengers on board the flight traveled with stolen passports. Interpol confirmed that the passports had been flagged on their database as stolen, sparking rumours of a possible terrorist involvement in the disappearance of the plane.

One of the passengers thought to have traveled with fake passports is an Iranian who has been seeking to enter Germany as an asylum seeker, while the other is thought to have been headed for Denmark.

The Malaysian authorities have also been fending off criticism about it’s handling of the search, insisting they’re doing everything they can to find the plane. According to reports, China has urged the Malaysian authorities to share vital information as to the final whereabouts of the plane.

“We have sent requests to the Malaysian side through diplomatic channels, asking them to check up on rumours right away and inform China of all information available,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang said in a statement.

His statement came after a Malaysian military official said the missing flight may have changed route and turned back from its scheduled course before disappearing last Saturday.

Recent reports suggesting that the plane may have flown for hours after it lost contact with the control tower has been denied by the Malaysian authorities who also stated that recent clips released by the Chinese authorities showing satellite images of the crash were released by mistake.

The US has now joined the vast search operation which is concentrated largely in the South China Sea, which is where the plane last made contact.

Relatives of passengers on board the flight continue to await news of the airliner which had 239 people, majority of whom were Chinese.

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