“Send Your Child To School in Ghana At Your Own Risk”- Mother of Murdered Nigerian Student

The mother of a Nigerian student who was brutally murdered in Ghana while studying at the University of Cape Coast has warned that parents who send their children to school in Ghana should be weary for their safety.

The parents who spoke out in an interview with TVC news yesterday claimed that the Ghanaian authorities had still not gotten to the bottom of the crime which took the life of their son, Godwin Chukwudi Ayogu in February, this year.

Godwin’s badly battered body was found abandoned by the roadside with signs that the youngster had been bound around the ankles with his internal organs spilling out.

His younger brother has since been admitted to hospital where he is being treated for stress related conditions as a result of his brother’s death.

He had been planning to visit his parents in Nigeria the day after he was thought to have been murdered and it is not yet known who committed the crime or why such a heinous act was carried out on Godwin who was described by friends as always jovial and a fun-loving person.

Godwin’s father stated during the interview that he had sent his son about $5, 000 to facilitate his trip back home amongst other things. The deceased father claims Godwin’s friends told him that his son had lent the money to unknown person’s and he suspects that they are responsible for the death of his son.

Godwin, an aspiring Doctor who was great with drums and liked to call himself ‘The Drummer Boy’ was according to his parents, a 300 level student at the University of Cape Coast in Ghana.

However, TVC reports that the University deny that Godwin was a student at the university, insisting they have no records of him studying at the institution.

The family accuse the University and Ghanaian authorities of complacency regarding the investigation into the Godwin’s death insisting that all they want is for justice to be done.

In an emotional chat with TVC, Godwin’s mother pleads with authorities to please find her son’s killers. “Is it a crime that I sent my son to school in Ghana? I only wanted the best the best for him”.

One hopes the Ghanaian authorities will get to the bottom of this investigation, or at least the Nigerian embassy should work with the family to ensure that justice is served so they can have some closure.

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