How NOT to Sell Your House

When most home owners in the UK put their homes on the market, they seek help from estate agents and other experienced landlords on what the ‘dos’ and the ‘don’ts’ are of selling a house.

In the current economic climate, making a quick sale is important if one intends to have access to capital for much needed expenses.

To make the deal more enticing to potential buyers, you’re advised to scrub every surface clean, slather a fresh coat of paint on tired looking walls, replace broken house fittings and most of all, tidy the heck out the house.

Apparently, not everyone follows these steps as these pictures below show.

house1house2house3Photo credit:


A family trying to sell their house actually posted these pictures on property website Zoopla with the tag “Traditional British Home’. There are clothes strewn everywhere, untidy sinks and kitchen but these homeowners are obviously hoping that you’ll see beyond the chaos and look at the potential beauty the house could hold perhaps? We’re puzzled.

Strange things eh?


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