Second person in US infected with Ebola as health workers plan strike

Sunday evening, the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention had confirmed that there had been a second confirmed Ebola case: An unnamed female health worker in Dallas.

She had been working at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital and had been treating the Ebola victim Thomas Eric Duncan, who had caught the virus in Liberia before showing symptoms in the US and dies on Wednesday.

She is currently in an isolation ward and is currently in a stable condition.

Dr Frieden also said that they are monitoring 48 other people who may have had contact with Mr Duncan.

Currently, Liberian health officials are appealing to nurses and medical assistants not to proceed with a national strike, as the National Health Workers Association has demanded an increase in the monthly risk paid to those treating the Ebola cases.

At the moment, the risk fee is less than $500 a month, with basic salaries of in between $200-$300. Staff are now demanding the risk fee be increased to $700 a month, and personal protective equipment and insurance.

Already 95 medical staff helping to deal with Ebola have died from it.

Assistant Health Minister of Liberia Tolbert Nyenswah said a strike would have negative effects on those already suffering and turn back progress already made in the fight against the disease.

The Ebola crisis is now beginning to affect the afflicted countries socially, as food is in short supply with markets being disrupted in some parts of the three countries worst affected.

And in Liberia, elections have been postponed on the grounds that gathering people at polling station would endanger lives.

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