Scottish Independence Debate- Polls Put Alex Salmond Ahead

by Dayo Laniyan

Great Boost For Yes Camp


In Glasgow’s Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, in front of 200 people, the second televised debate on an independent Scotland between Alex Salmond and Alistair Darling took place

This one was dominated by the issues of the future currency, the country’s reliance on oil and nuclear weapons.

The outcome of the debate was a wholly different story to the first one 20 days ago, in which Mr Darling, head of the pro-union Better Together campaign went on the offensive by repeatedly pressing Scotland’s First Minister about his “plan B” in terms of the currency for an independent Scotland.

However this debate was a lot more aggressive with a lot more aggressive crowd than last time, and Salmond that this time come prepared with an answer to the question that had lost him the last debate: By stating that he had not one but three Plan Bs and his main focus was to seek a ‘mandate’ from the people of Scotland to share the pound.

Salmond carried on the attack from a new direction, arguing that welfare cuts and the decline of the NHS could only be prevented only if the Scottish was guaranteed the government they voted for. One that note he would accuse Darling of “being in bed with the Tories”, a real low blow considering that Darling was a former Labour Chancellor.

Darling seemed to look as if he was outside his comfort zone, trying to bring back the subject of deate to currency, despite the audience accusing him of forgetting his Labour roots.

Overall, a snap poll by the Guardian Newspaper and the polling company ICM put Salmons’s score at 71%, while Darling’s was 29%.

This debate victory was important for Salmond, since before it a poll revealed that support for independence was still lagging behind, with 38% voting Yes, and 51% No.


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