Say Goodbye to your girdle- this shapewear will literally change your life!

Behold- The Shapewear Just For Slimmer Women


We’ve all seen how great celebrities like Taylor Swift and Rihanna look in their figure hugging and body con dresses and for most slim women, being able to pull off that look- and look fab, is easy. But we’re all too aware that not ALL slim women have smooth curves and flat abs to die for, which means that even though you’ve sort of got the right figure, you can’t really shimmy into those body cons without a girdle  (if you’re lucky enough to find one your size) or some other type of shapewear that’s uncomfortable or isn’t discreet enough so everyone knows you’re wearing one.


Worse still, you dare not finish that crème brûlée if you intend to keep it all together through the rest of the night. It’s so not cool and we agree.

Let us introduce you to FIGGUHUGGA, the shapewear specifically made for slim women and what’s more? It’s made to SEEN rather than hidden.


Figgahugga is a totally new shapewear brand designed specifically for younger women, that both looks and performs unlike anything that’s currently on the market. Considering the number of young, slimmer women, who are going out for the evening without eating, for fear of developing the dreaded “food baby” – and suffering as a consequence. This could not have come out at a better time.

They’re also double layered to offer a stronger hold and more comfort and because they have been designed with younger women in mind, they are infused with Feran Ice to wick away moisture and keep you cool while you’re out and about or dancing it out at the club.

We love that there’s different colours which you can tailor to match your outfit and no one would be none the wiser that you’re actually shapewear- brilliant!


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