Sam Bailey Pregnant? Yep!

X Factor winner and current national heart throb Sam Bailey, has announced that she’s expecting her third child with husband Craig via her twitter page.

The star who is said to be about 10 weeks pregnant uploaded a picture of her recent ultrasound scan on her twitter page with the words ‘Meet peanut!’.


The singer had the most unusual way of taking the pregnancy test while out shopping in her local Asda Supermarket. She told The Sun Newspaper “‘I went in and did it while he was getting all the food. I came out and went “Yep – I’m pregnant!” It wasn’t planned.’

Sam’s mum has confided that she was initially worried about how the news would go down with her management. She is currently doing a lot of promo to plug her new album The Power Of Love and wasn’t sure that her management would be supportive of her exciting news.

It turns out her fear was unfounded as she’s received overwhelming support from everyone, including her fans and the press and the singer couldn’t be more excited.

Sam looked stunning as she was seen stepping out of the BBC studios where she had been recording an appearance on The One Show to promote her new album.


The 36-year-old wanted to wait until she was almost through her first trimester before sharing the great news as she didn’t want people to start saying she was putting on weight without knowing why.

The baby is expected in December by which time the X Factor shows would be properly underway and Sam giving her time to promote her album.

Her amazing news comes as X Factor boss Simon Cowell also welcomed his first child, Eric into the world on valentine’s day. The music mogul is currently in the country with his partner and it’s baby Eric’s first trip to the UK since being born at a New York Hospital.

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