Beauty Review: Perfect Peel; chemical peel with the right ingredients for perfect skin

Entering the clinic at Harley Street, I was extremely nervous about the procedure I was about to go through on my face: a chemical peel. However, whilst waiting for my call, Kelly Saynor, the Clinical Lead for the company (Medica Forte) warmly welcomed me and went over the procedures, the assuring conversation helped me calm down immensely.

I usually have a very minimalistic approach with my skin, having a ‘no chemicals’ principle, but Perfect Peel is unlike others. Chemical peels usually focus on one chemical at a time for example a salicylic acid peel only works with  that one particular substance. However, Perfect Peel uses a mixture of glutathione, kojic acid, TCS, retinoic acid and a longer list of vitamins and minerals. It is a complete package, literally and metaphorically, to transform your skin. Targeting issues like uneven skin tone, sun damage, age spots, acne scars and ageing, Perfect Peel delivers to high standards.

Steering back to my experience at the clinic, having talked me through and explaining all the fine print, Kelly took me upstairs to Dr. Esho, who was to administer the treatment. At this moment, I had no questions as Kelly had been thorough and patient with my 21 questions already! Nevertheless, Dr. Esho made sure I was comfortable and content with all the information. He then went on to explaining how the application of the peel may feel like, and started the procedure. I must admit it was more comfortable than internet research had made it out to be, a little sting and a heated sensation and voilà, it was done. Dr. Esho explained further details for example how many ‘passes’ (number of times he will pass a chemical peel wipe over my face) was required, as per my skin tone etc. and he made sure I was comfortable and had time to process the passes as he went. Amidst casual conversation, Dr. Esho was done with the treatment in under 10 minutes and let me repeat: it was pain-free.

I left the clinic with a sun-kissed tone and excited for the transformation. Over the seven days that followed, transformation is an understatement for the progress my skin has made. I watched the peel anxiously, applying the cream and wipes as instructed, and while it was very hard for me to avoid picking the skin, I made it through the 7 days and watched my old skin fall off like a mask and fresher skin emerge from within.

All this time, Dr. Esho made sure to text and check up on me to see everything was going as planned. He put up with a regular string of selfies on a daily basis. Because this was my first time experimenting with anything to do with my face, I was excited, anxious and nervous, all at the same time. But I must admit, I am a convert; this experience has definitely introduced me to the positive side of technology advancement and the results have been transforming.

There is a Vitamin C cream in the post for me, so over the next 4 weeks, my skin will continue to improve.

Personal advice:

– DO NOT GOOGLE. Researching the side effects etc will almost convince you that you have scarred yourself. There is a lot of negative stigma attached to such procedures on the internet. The prime reason is the lack of research. Trust your consultant, they went to school for this! They know what they are talking about!

– It is suitable for ALL skin types. There is a chart which separates skin colours into types, and the procedure is administered to suit your specific skin type. I am olive skinned – and I have come through on the other side with astonishing results.

Any more concerns, do check their elaborate FAQ page out to reassure any concerns.

Overall, it has been a wonderful experience for me to watch my complaints regarding my skin strip away in a matter of 7 days. Dr. Esho and his team was extremely comforting and helpful, with high thresholds of patience with my many questions.

To find a local Perfect Peel clinic, use their Locator tool and for more information on the products and consultants, visit:


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