Review: Chasing the Dawn by James Flynn

James Flynn brings back the resilient Luke Temple, following his mantra of “trust no one”, the hardened Group 9 operative struggles with past traumas as he embraces new ones, making an odd acquaintance and trying hard to keep the world out of harm’s way.

In a potentially devastating scientific development, Flynn brings North Korea, Iran and the West face to face, in this lethal cocktail of a novel. With corruption entrenched deep into the Italian Carabinieri, Temple fights for what is right, little does he know; fate has other plans for him. With short chapters, Flynn produces suspense; making it extremely hard for the reader to put down the book half way. Against the Italian landscape, Temple; alongside a Korean scientist, Chung Su, ventures out on a journey to investigate the disappearance of a well-known scientist, with the power and knowledge to drive the world to the brink of Armageddon. Leaving a trail of destruction behind, as they fight against unknown attackers, Temple and Chung Su are set to discover secrets that are bound to make them doubt their own sanity. In a few, fast-paced days, Temple seems like he has bitten off more than he can chew.

Bringing together powerful and current political themes, Flynn delivers a very well-rounded and in-depth account, with robust knowledge and research into physics and the intelligence community. Flynn uses vital scientific knowledge to serve as jigsaw pieces, to one massive puzzle which, holds the potential to destroy lives.

Scientific developments, particularly in the field of physics, have been a recent interest of authors and movie producers alike. The recent movie, Interstellar, addresses such developments, scrutinising Einstein’s relativity theory, it won’t be surprising to see one of the Luke Temple novels on-screen.

Flynn addresses a wide range of audience with this novel, encompassing political issues; as they are today, scientific development regarding energy sources; as countries around the world play a ‘game of thrones’, to gain superiority, and Flynn smoothly delivers, focusing on key playmakers today.

Temple races against time and brilliant minds.

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