Restaurant Review: Bohemian chic at Foxcroft & Ginger Soho

Located right at the end of Berwick Street in the heart of Bohemian Soho, Foxcroft & Ginger is not really what you’d expect of a café in one of London’s most trendy and well-worn spots. As I walk into the restaurant and take in the ambience (which literally beckons for you to come in and stay…a while), I have a heady feeling of excitement. Like a child who’s just discovered a well-kept secret. It’s 10am and already, there are customers sat at dainty tables sipping coffee while reading the papers, clearly, this place isn’t such a secret after all.

The crowd is mixed too, from city am types in suits to ladies chatting away over a cup of tea, but the laid back atmosphere of Soho is unmistakable with F&G’s quaint but homely décor.

Staff were very friendly, producing the menu with a cheery smile, while taking my order for strawberry in summer tea as I waited for my guest. If one could bottle up summer and put it in a tea-pot, this is what it would taste like. On the one side of the restaurant, there were rows of shelves which looked inviting with the wholesome array of teas with names that sound like something out of a posh tea house menu, while the front of house brimmed with a fine selection of cakes and pastries freshly made in-house.


From the very interesting looking menu, we went for the house made sausages, peppers and mushrooms, tomato, proper fried eggs and sourdough toast, all of which went down a treat, although it would have been even better had the food been hotter.


As I had a cold at the time, I selected the honey, lemon and ginger tea infusion to go with my meal. This time, I didn’t get the full richness of the ingredients, particularly the ginger which I could only get a hint of.

Also, we were sat at a table presumably for two, but we struggled to fit both our trays as there was barely enough space due to the incredibly small tables. This was, however, a small price to pay for the delicious meal and the overall experience. Shame we couldn’t stay on longer, we’ll surely be back.

Foxcroft and Ginger, 

3 Berwick Street, Soho

London W1F 0DR.

All day menu starting from £4.75

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