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If you’re struggling to lose the extra love handles gained during the festive season or haven’t quite snapped out of the holiday blues, it might be time to try something a bit more radical- like re-booting your mind and body.

A group of UK wellness experts have developed a rather stylish exercise retreat that not only promises to help you loose weight, but also help you clear your mind and body and take on 2015 with renewed vigour.

Aptly tagged PUSH‘, this exercise retreat based at Burgate Manor Farm in the picturesque woodlands of the New Forest, offers an escape from city life and is a long way from the shouty, military bootcamp cliché. Organisers boast the retreat is a plush combination of exercise bootcamp, therapeutic retreat and spa. we don’t know about you, but we like the sound of that…very much.

The retreat will aim to improve fitness and wellbeing by focusing on both the mind and the body. The PUSH team comprises of a unique combination of experts in mind and body wellness, including Head Trainer Thomas Eastham, Nutritionist Nicola Shubrook, Mindfulness Practitioner Cecilia Hazlerigg, and Executive Coach Ruth Groves. The team is headed up by PUSH Founder and Camp Manager Cate Murden.

 Thomas Eastham is a leading trainer in high-intensity exercise, which boosts fitness and is a shortcut to feeling great and being ready to tackle bigger issues. Nicola Shubrook helps clients tackle dietary issues and deal better with day-to-day wellbeing. Cecilia Hazlerigg helps attendees find their calm and focus, while Ruth Groves helps people achieve clarity and set realistic goals for the future.

The PUSH strategy is to help attendees shed body fat, lead a better life and be the best version of themselves, but not through a faddy quick fix, by re-training the brain for long term effect.

There will also be tools to take away, so that while you’re likely to get noticeable, immediate results during your time at the exercise retreat, you’ll also have the ability to continue the journey after the retreat.

Cate Murden, founder of PUSH Mind and Body, created the exercise retreat because it was the kind of place she wanted to go to, but there was nothing out there like it. She explains: “I believe we are past the days where adults wish to be yelled at by an ex-soldier in a bid to shed a dress size for the next party. We are in the midst of a health wave, strong is the new skinny; people want to learn about their bodies, to receive help and guidance to flick that mental switch and embark on becoming the best version of themselves. And at PUSH we’re here to offer them just that.”


PUSH’s re-bootcamp, based in Burgate Manor Farm, is only two hours from Central London but feels like a world away.

Prices for the 7-day retreat: £1000 for a 2-bed shared room with private bathroom and £1500 for private room with private bathroom.

On the last night attendees are rewarded with an evening of pampering where they can avail of a range of treatments such as massages, spray tans, manicures and pedicures. The aim is to come away feeling world-conqueringly amazing, fitter, visibly glowing, looking slimmer, more defined and goddamn fabulous – leaving your friends reeling in jealousy.

See retreat dates below. Naija Living readers get 20% off Jan and February retreats.

23rd – 30th January
27th February – 6th March
6th – 9th March (weekend – arrive by 5pm on Friday evening, leave by 930am on Monday morning)
10th – 17th April
8th – 15th May
12th – 19th June
24th – 31st July
21st – 28th August
18th – 25th September
30th October – 6th November
27th November – 4th December


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