PRODUCT REVIEW: Teen-skinactives™ by Eve Taylor

My skincare journey has been a rollercoaster journey; puberty has left it dry, dull and sensitive to spots. Now that I’m twenty, I’m more particular with what I put on my skin than what I wear – mainly because my delicate skin often repels against endless toners, masks and gels; they tend to leave my skin dry and flaky, and hyper-sensitive. So I was interested to see if Teen-skinactives would be any different.

Eve Taylor OBE – world-renowned aromatherapy skin and body care specialist, kindly gave us clearing spot gel, the restoring skin mask and the clearing skin wash. I used the clearing skin wash in the morning, and in the evenings I’d apply the mask and the spot gel for the odd pimple that would appear. Housed in simple white bottles, the skin care line’s aesthetic is as simple as the ingredients: with no alcohol, peroxides, artificial colours or fragrances, I could easily see a difference within a couple of days.

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Clearing skin wash: £9.99

The texture is smooth, with tiny blue beading that acts as a gentle exfoliation against the skin. I tended to rinse off the wash in the shower; it came off easily and unlike my usual skin washes, it didn’t leave any residue. As promised, my skin wasn’t dry, however I have noticed that my skin hasn’t really changed (it should be noted that I have been using this product for two weeks). I was excited that it promised to reduce the likelihood of spots, yet I saw no real changes. But as a soft, hydration to-up, this wash is perfect.


Restoring Mask: £9.99

I applied the mask before bed, twice a week for fifteen minutes. I usually find masks a little suffocating on the skin – but these were actually pretty comfortable to wear. So comfortable, it didn’t feel like I was wearing anything on my skin. The consistency was thick, yet not overbearing and felt light on the skin –all of which made the 15-minute wait a complete breeze. Teen-skinactives claims to improve the skins overall condition, as well as dry/dehydrated skin, and I definitely saw it in my own skin; washing off the mask, my skin felt soft and hydrated. I only needed a tiny dab of my usual moisturiser afterwards. It also smelt amazing, sweet and fresh, which had to be down to the natural plant ingredients.

teen skin actives restoring skin mask 

Clearing spot gel: £6.99

This was the standout product in my eyes. I applied a small thin amount on my spots, and found my skin happily absorbed the gel. I left the gel on overnight, and in the morning I found that my once large, hideous spot had calmed down in both redness and size. After a couple of nightly applications, the spots had gone.



Each product is under a tenner, which means having good skin is now affordable for teens. Whilst, I myself couldn’t see any radical changes – there’s no doubt that these products are perfect for boosting the skin that’s prone to dehydration. I would personally recommend the Clearing spot gel for teenagers; I saw quick results, making it great way to combat blemishes/spots before a special occasion.



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