Preview the new bridal collection by Haute Couture designer Herve Leger

As bridal season is upon us (and we know how our Naija brides love their wedding dresses!), we can envisage throngs of brides heading to London in search of the latest bridal trends and dresses. Right in the nick of time, Herve Leger the label behind the body con bandage dresses have now introduced their first bridal collection.
A brief history on the label, it was created in 1985 by Herve Leger pioneering the bandage dresses which became famous in 1999; people called them feasts of technical virtuosity. The dresses were made to Haute Couture standard, each band of the dress was shaped and mounted individually giving the wearer a coca cola type body of a 1950’s pin up bombshell.
Herve Leger achieved this effect with curve cleaving elastic bandages, using materials traditionally associated with foundation garments to create bandage dresses that would mold and shape the wearer’s figure with its signature bandage-like strips. He defied tradition by molding  his fabric to the female form, instead of draping and cutting like all other designers.The dress struck a chord with women who wanted to relish and celebrate their bodies and sexuality,  Herve Leger made being curvy in fashion again. Celebrities like JLo, Beyonce, Kim Kasdashian , Dita Von Teese, are all huge fans of the Body Con dress.
herve leger2

Now in its 30th year, Herve Leger is launching it’s own bridal collection. The idea came when a lot of clients would come in to the boutiques asking for body con dresses in white but with a little more embellishment. It’s not hard to see why brides would consider taking this route with the average wedding dress costing up to £5000 talk less of a Haute Couture wedding dress that can go up to £20,000, taking weeks or even months to make.

After all that expense and stress to get the perfect dress, it’s worn for one day and one day alone and put back in its garment bag and packed away in the attic somewhere never to be seen again. What if you could get a gorgeous Haute Couture dress from between £1300 to £2500 that won’t take months and months to get ready or wait for, but could be bought in a few hours and could be  worn again and again after the big day is done and dusted?

herve leger3 herve leger4

This is the concept behind the brand’s wedding collection. Herve Leger in collaboration with Gina Foster and Aruna Seth invited the Naija Living team to an exclusive unveiling of their new bridal collection for this season at their Knightsbridge store. The red carpet was rolled out and we were treated to Champagne and Canapés and little fluffy marshmallows to get us in the mood whilst models walked around in the most gorgeous figure hugging dresses you have ever seen. We were greeted by the stunning store manager who showed us the collection which varied from short simple white body con dresses to long dresses with a heavy beading embellished all over. There is something for every bride in the collection as well as bridesmaids and mothers of the bride.
We also got to preview the bridal shoe collection from acclaimed designer Aruna Seth which would make for a great accessory to any wedding dress with their sparkling designs, while statement hats and fascinators by Gina Foster will add a touch of glam to that special day.
Aruna Seth shoes

Aruna Seth shoes

 For the full shopping experience, Herve Leger is at 29 Lowndes Street, Knightsbridge,

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