Poor Pierce. He Just Couldn’t ‘Crack’ America

And we say that in our best Simon Cowell voice. British Journalist, Pierce Morgan is set to return to these shores as his current employees, CNN is reportedly ready to end his show after only running for three years.

The former editor of the daily mirror replaced talk show host Larry King on his long running show, Larry King Live to the envy of most of his British colleagues. To say there were a few tweets and speeches of regret after the announcement of his shows demise would be an understatement. The world of social media was one on this one, they despised the poor guy. Some maybe more than others.

TV commentators in the US reckon the reason behind CNN axing the show is due to Morgan’s perceived British ‘snootiness’ (uh oh)! Pierce starred the hornet’s nest when he consistently criticised the American public for their gun laws especially after the Sandy hook shootings. He also reportedly refused to show any signs of attempting to fit right in with the Joneses across the pond, sticking to watching ‘soccer’ and cricket rather than typical American sports like baseball and basketball.

One doesn’t know what will become of the poor chap now, as it doesn’t seem as though he’s liked any more than in the US at home either. If all the twitter spats he’s had with the likes of Lord Sugar is anything to go by.

In the wise words of BBC’s Robert Peston, “When your ratings are in the tank, and you have an active and engaged segment of the population that actively despises you, it’s only a matter of time before the axe is sharpened and ready to swing.”

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