Police Misuse of Stop And Search Damaging Relations With Local Communities Says Home Secretary Theresa May

Spotlight On Indiscriminate Use Of Powers Against Black And Ethnic Minority Men


The Home secretary is drawing up plans to review police stop and search after stating that the rule was used so often, it was damaging relations between the police and the public.

“Nobody wins when stop and search is misused.” Said Theresa May. 

 “It can be an enormous waste of police time and damage the relationship between the public and police.”

About 43 forces have already signed up to the voluntary scheme with 24 of those implementing changes later in the year after Mrs May failed to convince parliament that a compulsory reform was needed.

A recent report revealed that black and Asian men were 6 times more likely to be stopped than a white male and the number could rise as high as 29 times in some particular areas fuelling concerns that the powers were being used to discriminate against black and Asian men.

With the new laws, Police would have to record every incident where the searches were being used. Officers would also require higher authority and permission to conduct the controversial section 60 searches which allow police officers to stop anyone without reasonable ground of suspicions so far there is an anticipation of serious violence.

The review became mandatory after a report by Her Majesty’s Constabulary revealed that 27% of stop and searches did not involve reasonable ground for suspicion with the potential that a substantial amount of the searches could have been illegal.

The review also means that officers would have to map out areas the powers were used as well as the outcome of each incident.

Inspector Nick Glynn, a black Police Inspector with Leicester Police force has now been chosen to lead the reform into how Police make use of the powers.


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