Police brutality continues in ‘The Land of the Free’, as Missouri loses another teen, Antonio Martin

A black 18-year-old teen, was shot and killed by a police officer, in the late hours of Tuesday, 23rd Dec. This occurred at a petrol station in St.Louis’s suburbs; Berkeley. Whilst, there have been discrepancies regarding the identity of the victim, the mother of the victim is cited as a source of identification and providing a name; Antonio Martin.

In a statement, the police officer claimed the victim drew a handgun, to which the officer responded with opening fire. The victim was accompanied by another man, who fled the scene.

This is the third police killing, targeting black minorities after Michael Brown was killed in August, in neighbouring suburbs, Ferguson; and Eric Garner, who was killed during a tackle and a chokehold by the police.

Both deaths caused major unrest amongst the public. A grand jury in New York decided against charges on the police after Garner’s death, which lead to public protests. Ferguson also saw public unrest following the death of Brown.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch newspaper has reported the appearance of police backup with riot shields and helmets at the petrol station in Berkeley, following last night’s shooting. Around 60 people have gathered, of which, 3 have been arrested. According to local reports, smoke and loud bangs have been observed, the culprits of these remain unconfirmed, it is not certain whether it is the public or the police behind the smoke and noise.

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