Photographic exhibition celebrating African Music to take place in London this summer

Renowned documentary photographer and photojournalist Michael Tubi (Michael Tubes) will be curating a photographic exhibition showcasing the best of African music and artists come this August. The exhibition will feature never before seen images as well as exclusive behind the scenes photos of Afrian artists at home and during performances in London against a backdrop of various genre of African music including Afrobeats, Highlife, Makossa and many more.

Music has always played a major role in the African society. Instruments vary from region to region and common forms of musical expression are used from county to county and from tribe to tribe.

The African continent is the second largest in the world, with about a 10th of the world’s population and one thousand indigenous languages spoken throughout the continent. Music is essential in representing a strong African heritage.

Sounds of Africa
When discovering African music, many notice both similarities and the differences with Western music. There are many shared characteristics such as the rhythm, melody, harmony, musical instruments, meter, and timbre, etc. However, what makes African music unique is its way of expressing and sharing the continent’s rich culture.

This exciting multi-media exhibition was created to promote African music by showcasing the best African artists to greater understand and appreciate their artistry. Genres such as Afrobeat, Hi-life, Fuji, Makossa, Kwaito, Coupe -Decale make African music the intriguing mix that it is today.

Curator Michael Tubi said, “I feel there is a lack of exhibitions or platforms that showcase a range artists representing Africa. This will allow the audience to access numerous talents that have taken the African music scene by storm. Many people have not had the opportunity to see African artists perform when they are in the UK – equally many african audiences are unfamiliar with the music of other genres from across Africa.”

“This exhibition will allow these new audiences to experience the variety ans richness of the contemporary sounds of African music from a range of artists that have helped African music become the phenomenon that it is today.”

To find out more about Sounds of Africa, click here for more information.


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