Phone Hacking Trial- Kate Middleton’s Phone was Hacked ‘155 Times’

The jury at the phone hacking trial heard yesterday how a former News Of The World Editor had hacked into the Duchess Of Cambridge’s (then Kate Middleton’s) phone about 155 times.

Former Royal affairs editor Clive Goodman admitted to first hacking into the Duchess’ phone around Christmas time in 2005 and also in August 2006, shortly before he was arrested for phone hacking charges.

The court also heard for the first time that Prince William’s phone had been hacked 35 times while Prince Harry’s was hacked about 9 times.

Kate Middleton’s private affairs would have been of great interest to the then Royal editor as she was dating the young Prince and was beginning to receive media attention as reports grew of the pair potentially tying the knot in the near future.

Mr Goodman has been absent from court proceedings for months as a result of illness, however, an independent medical examiner deemed him fit to carry on the trial in a new report.

He was accused of withholding evidence in previous encounters with the police where he failed to mention these new revelations. Goodman insisted he hadn’t said anything because ‘nobody asked’.

He had admitted to hacking the phones of Royal aides but never before had details of the sheer magnitude of the hacking been revealed.

Goodman is standing trial at the Old Bailey with 7 other defendants including the Private investigator Glenn Mulcaire, former NoTW editors Rebekah brooks and Andy Coulson.

The trial continues.

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