“People Think Black Guys Don’t Do Science But They’re Wrong”- Maggie Aderin- Pocock

As a CBBC report reveals a shocking depth of concern for the future by black children because of their skin colour, notable black celebrities including Singer Alesha Dixon and Oscar winning director Steve McQueen have all expressed their dismay at the findings with McQueen calling it ‘upsetting’.

The findings show that black children were less likely to aspire to become scientists than children from other backgrounds.

Now Maggie Aderin- Pocock, a leading space scientist in the UK has also leant her voice to the call for more black role models in sciences.

Aderin- Pocock, an MBE, who came from a poor background to become one of the nation’s leading space scientists told CBBC presenter Aysha in an interview at the Mill Hill observatory that she too had felt disadvantaged in the past. “That feeling is horrible,” she said.

“You feel as if you’ve been written off and I myself felt that way for many years.”

“When you feel written off, you act written off, so I think you need to find that gem that really inspires you in school and start working on that.”

On the findings by the children’s channel that many black children see themselves more as footballers than scientists, Maggie rubbishes the stereotype that black children aren’t clever enough to be challenged just as children from any other ethnicity.

“Many kids think black guys don’t do science but they’re wrong. Science is truly for everyone,”  says Pocock.

The space at night presenter also championed the need for more black role models in the sciences to encourage interest in youths.

“We need more black scientist role models out there to show that it’s quite natural to be a scientist and its something that they can do too.”

(Featured image: Maggie Aderin- Pocock. Photo credit- bbc.co.uk)

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