Is P Square Split Such A Bad Thing?

by Azeezat Fadekemi Sulaiman


Since Super blogger Linda Ikeji set off the rumour that award-winning music duo P Square were on the verge of splitting, everyone from fans around the world to celebrities have been up in arms, urging the brothers to stay together.

Some have even taken to praying for the group, just in case the source of the alleged rift is spiritual… typically Nigerian.

According to the grapevine, twin brothers Peter and Paul have been fighting over everything lately. From whose songs should make it on to their albums to dance routines amongst other things. Now, Peter is said to have had enough and wants out of the group.

Their publicist Bayo Adetu of course denies there’s any fire on the mountain.

According to a statement from the Vanguard, he slammed Linda Ikeji (he won’t be the first), for fanning the embers of the rumours and accusing her of cooking the story up to drive traffic to her website.

Well, according to the duo’s brother and manager Jude Engees Okoye, he’s quitting.

In a cryptic tweet posted by the elder brother and manager to the most successful music group in Africa, Jude simply said “After over 10yrs of hard work, it’s over. Am done.”[sic]

Not a man of many words is he? With those few words, he set fire to an already burning flame which sent the media and entertainment world into a frenzy.

That tweet quite literally could have ruined Easter, at least for some.

Some of the responses that trailed this singular tweet were just downright hilarious. Take this one from Vibesngist for example,

“@judeengees don’t even think of leaving those boys…you gotta pull em back together…Women are always a distraction but you know better.” 

Then he continued, “I also think you should delete this tweet cos you ain’t done yet. WTF..Jesus Christ man. and on a Good Friday?!!”

Another one from (what a name?) read, “@judeengees That better be the title of a new track, you are working on….”

Threat much?

Many blame the rumoured split on the recent nuptials of the twins, particularly, that of Peter as their elder brother was inconspicuously absent from his wedding to Lola Omotayo. Something which raised eyebrows at the time.

It is being reported that he and Peter’s wife are not necessarily chuffed with each other and this would obviously cause friction in any relationship.

The poor woman has been made into a villain in this whole saga as fans accuse her of attempting to ‘destroy’ the group by coming between the brothers.

Peter is now said to have moved out of the Mansion shared by the brothers, taking his family with him.

Unconfirmed reports from our sources also revealed that Lawyers have been called in to provide legal advice to the family.

It really would seem that the most loved music group in Nigeria, nay Africa are about to split.


So what could a split mean for the brothers and their fans?

Well for starters, many of their fans have already taken to Social media to plead with the duo to resolve any issues that may have led to such a huge rift, imploring them to stick together and work it out.

If this isn’t successful, their fans would have to pick which brother to swear their allegiance to or be faced with buying two records each time a brother releases an album.

For the brothers, a split could spell a messy family dispute as the brothers share absolutely everything; properties and rights. The argument for who gets what may deepen an already strained relationship that could end bitterly.

One must also wonder if the brothers could wield the same magic apart as they have done together.

They are both talented but without the direction of their elder brother whose astute business sense ensured that the twins maximised their potential and leveraged their talent commercially, could they still enjoy the same level of success?

Besides, would he have to decide which brother to go with or will he take on some new acts to mentor and leave a group that he’s put in 10 years of his life to nurture?

If a split does happen, will the brothers continue to sing and perform? It would be really weird to see one performing without the other as they seem to complete each other beautifully.

However, I strongly believe that Peter and Paul have the ability to each hold their own as individual acts and could continue to thrill fans long into the future if they wish to.

Most groups typically have a lifespan of 5-10 years and we’ve seen many break out members of the band going on to forge highly successful careers for themselves. Celebrities like Pharell Wliiams,, Justin Timberlake and our very own 2Face Idibia are just a few examples.

I really do hope they resolve this dispute and get back to doing what they do best, but perhaps it’s time for us to accept the possibility that P square as we know it may have a very limited life span.



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