Oscar Pistorius Trial Update

Friday was day 5 of the murder trial of Paralympic athlete Oscar Pistorius.

The court heard evidence from Pistorius ex girlfriend Samantha Taylor who painted a rather aggressive picture of the athlete during their time together. Taylor, who broke down twice while giving evidence for the prosecution told the Court how Pistorius always liked to carry a gun, even keeping it next to him on the bedside table.

She told the court that on one occasion, Pistorius fired a shot through the sun roof of his car while out driving with her and a friend. The model said the incidence happened after Pistorius had been stopped by SA police because they had been speeding. The athlete’s gun was lying on the passenger side of the car and she said the police officer had picked it up, an action that irritated the athlete who promptly told the officer to put his gun down, saying he had no right to touch his gun.

Taylor also told the court that Pistorius had woken her up during the night on a few occasions after he said he heard noises in the house.

When asked how her relationship with the athlete ended, she told the court in an emotional statement that Pistorius had cheated on her with Reeva Steemkamp. Taylor who admitted during the trial that their relationship was rocky, had broken up with Pistorius two times before the final time. She said the last straw came when Pistorius took Reeva to a sports awards night.

The prosecution then asked her if she’d ever heard Pistorius scream. She replied that she had, because the athlete had shouted at her in the past while angry. The prosecution was probably attempting to contradict claims by the defence that screams witnesses testified to have heard during the shootings on Valentine’s day last year, were that of the athlete’s and not Reeva.

Another witness on the day was security guard Pieter Baba, who had received phone calls from Pistorius and neighbours on the day of the shootings. Baba recounted speaking to the athlete when he called. When asked what had happened, he stated that Pistorius replied that ‘everything was fine’ but that he was crying as he said so.

On arrival at the scene, The security guard told the court how they witnessed Pistorius carrying the body of his girlfriend down the stairs. Baba said he was so shocked, he could barely think for a second.

CCTV of the athletes gated neighbourhood were also shown to the court. The clips, taken on the day of the shootings, showed Reeva Steemkamp arriving at the gates, greeted by Baba with Pistorius arriving not far behind.

The prosecution pursued their aggressive line of questioning, asking Baba to recall the exact statement that Pistorius had said during the phone call. The security guard appeared nervous but held his ground and insisted that the athlete had actually said the words, ‘everything is fine’.

The trial was adjourned till Monday when phone calls made by Pistorius and neighbours shortly after the events will be examined in greater detail.

Pistorius broke down on Thursday as he relived the moments after he shot his girlfriend. Pistorius put his head on the bar and counted his rosary while Neighbour Johan Stipp told the court how he found the athlete kneeling down next to the body of Reeva Steemkamp.

oscar2Image source: mirror.co.uk

Stipp told the court that Oscar was crying uncontrollably begging God to please make her live. He vowed to dedicate his life and hers to God if she lived. Stipp who is a doctor also told the court he saw three wounds on Reeva’s body including one in her head.

The trial continues on Monday.


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