Obama Urges Young African Leaders To ‘Build A Self Reliant and Prosperous’ Africa

President Obama has urged African youths to build a ‘self reliant and prosperous Africa’ by emphasising nation building based on the rule of law.

Mr Obama was speaking at the town hall meeting of the summit of the Washington fellowship for the young African leaders initiative, ahead of next week’s summit where almost all of Africa’s leaders are expected to attend to discuss the continent’s future.

The US president stated that Africa plays an integral role in the global quest for security, justice and prosperity, stressing that these goals could not be achieved without a flourishing Africa.

The African leaders summit, expected to be attended by all of Africa’s leaders with the exception of Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe, Eritrea’s Issaias Afeworki and South Sudan’s Omar Al-Bashir is the largest hosted by any American leader in history.

Since becoming President, Obama has launched a host of initiatives aimed at equipping the next generation of Africa’s leaders to take the continent out of its current doldrums and propel it into the world stage.

With news that some African countries are expected to be amongst one of the top economies in the world by 2020, it has become imperative that a new generation of leaders be ready to nurture that growth and potential if Africa is to become a dominant force in global economics.

Africa despite its huge potential has been saddled by issues hampering the continent’s growth with the main challenges being corruption and poor leadership.

It is hoped that the next week’s summit will see the leaders tackling some of these issues with a view to moving the continent forward.

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