Nuffin more to add- Zendaya Coleman’s response to Guiliana Rancic’s comment about her dreadlocks

by Azeezat F. Sulaiman

Now Kelly Osbourne is threatening to quit the show over the row

She’s only 18, but Zendaya Coleman is one young black woman you don’t wanna mess with as E! presenter Guiliana Rancic has learnt in a not so subtle way. The Disney star shut down Rancic- and Twitter with her articulate response to an off-hand comment made by the Fashion Police presenter who said her dreadlocks at the Oscars Red Carpet made her “feel like she smelt of Patchouli oil and weed’.

zendaya statement

That had us Googling what on earth Patchouli oil is. Apparently, it’s an oil derived from a plant found in parts of Asia and West Africa and is commonly used in perfumes and incense.

Zendaya wore her hair in long flowing dreads as she walked the Red Carpet looking resplendent in her Vivienne Westwood off shoulder.

zendaya coleman

We never even knew wearing dreadlocks while attending a black tie event WAS an issue (in the 21st century?), but Rancic’s ‘joke’ just further strengthens the argument by naturalistas that society as a whole isn’t ready to accept Afro hair as ‘beautiful’, hence why many women of colour proudly chose to wear their natural Afro as a statement and a protest to society’s definition of beauty.

We’re not sure what exactly Rancic was alluding to when she made that statement. Was she trying to say that everyone who wears dreadlocks smokes weed and smells of incense? Whatever she meant, the E! presenter made a grovelling apology of Twitter after Zendaya’s note to her went viral online, although she then manages to insult people with a ‘bohemian chic’ style at the same time. Sigh.

Perhaps we should give her a break. At least, her second apology on air last night showed contrition and she herself admitted that she crossed the line. Hopefully, we’ve all walked away realising how much power our words have and the danger of perpetuating stereotypes particularly in today’s racially charged society.

It does however appear that the matter won’t go away as fellow presenter Kelly Osbourne is now threatening to quit the show after she claims people are trying to pin the offensive comment on her. In a series of (shouty) tweets, Osbourne says Zendaya is ‘her friend’ and that ‘she doesn’t condone racism’ of any kind.

Hmm, the plot thickens people.

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