NSPCC Chief To Lead The Probe Into Historical Westminster Paedophile Ring

(Photo: Telegraph.co.uk)

by Sonali Kamboj


Home Secretary, Theresa May has announced an independent public inquiry into the alleged Westminster paedophile ring to be headed by the Chief Executive of NSPCC, Peter Wanless.

The review will examine the Home office’s handling of child abuse allegations between 1979-1999 as reports of the missing 114 files on the paedophile cases came to the fore.

A separate panel of experts will also conduct a Hillsborough-style investigation into the British establishment, which will include the NHS, BBC and the Church within its ambit.

“I would say we are looking at upwards of 20 (people) and a much larger number of people who have known about it and done nothing about it, who were in a position to do something about it,” said Peter McKelvie, the former Child Protection Manager, in an interview with the BBC.

Mr. McKelvie added that, “a lot of abusers are now dead. But we are looking at the Lords, and the commons, we are looking at the Judiciary, we are looking at all institutions, where there’ll be a small percentage of paedophiles and a slightly larger percentage of people who have known about it, but have felt that in terms of their own self interests and self preservation, or for political parties’ reasons is being safer for them to cover it up rather than deal with it.”

He revealed that the victims of abuse were “almost exclusively boys” and were moved around “like parcels really”, while also being subjected to beatings and rape.

While the NSPCC boss will conduct the review within eight to 10 weeks, a full report of the wider investigation into the British public life is likely to be released before the general elections in May next year.

A petition on Change.org demanding a national inquiry into the organised child abuse has also been set up which has garnered the support of 88,637 supporters.


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