#NoMakeUpSelfie Takes Social Media by Storm As women post barefaced Selfies to Raise Cancer Awareness

Just in case you’ve been wondering why on earth your friends have been posting photos of themselves without their make up on for the last couple of days, you’re not alone.

It’s the latest social media trend that has literarily taken the world by storm with ladies, from celebrities to everyday people posting selfies of themselves without their beloved make up in an effort to raise cancer awareness.

Although Cancer Research UK claims they didn’t start the trend, the charity was quick to react and turn the social media frenzy into an awareness campaign that has so far raised a whooping £2 million!

There have been mixed reactions about the message being sent out to young women about whether going barefaced without make up is or isn’t a courageous thing to do.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Today Show, I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here star Amy Willerton who’d earlier joined in the campaign told the show, ‘I didn’t think twice about posting one of these pictures,’.

“I just thought, “Wow, what a great way to promote cancer awareness.”

‘I took a selfie in the bath, posted it online and it got a lot of attention which is good.


‘I don’t feel I was particularly courageous doing it, but it’s a good message to send out there.

‘Women are exposing themselves and showing that more vulnerable side in the same way that we’re all vulnerable to cancer.”

However, Warwick University student Yomi Adegoke disagreed, saying that while she applauded the fact that the campaign was raising awareness for cancer, she didn’t agree with the format.

‘I do think that in its current state, raising so much money, its been fantastic.
“But if women not wearing makeup is deemed as brave when held against cancer, it does say quite a bit about society today.

‘I know the campaign was to normalise women not wearing makeup, but to suggest that by doing so is being exposing and leaving somebody vulnerable, that is problematic”, the blogger said. 

Facebook users can put up a photo of themselves with the hastag #NoMakeUpSelfie and then nominate their friends too who will also nominate others, while everyone makes a donation after posting their no make up selfie.

Everyone including cancer survivors and even men have joined in the campaign which has produced some rather hilarious images. If it’s all for a good cause, we’re in.

These pictures were published on Daily Mail, take a look.

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