NL Spotlight: So…What type of student are you?


 All hail the Geek – research from Uniplaces reveals that of all student stereotypes, the Geek reins supreme


Ah. The Uni days. Don’t we just want to forget them? In our books, there are really only two kinds of students- The Geeks and The party animals, but it appears the complicated lives of University students isn’t quite as cut and dried as that.

According to research by University accommodation website Uniplaces, there are actually 5 different types of personalities in universities. More interestingly, you’d think students (especially guys) would want to identify with the party animal persona in order to look cool amongst their peers and girls (common, geeks are boring, unless you’re Ross Geller), the survey actually revealed that, in contrast to the common stereotype of the party-loving student, almost a third (31%) of those at university would describe themselves as a Geek.

The survey questioned students from across the globe on their perceptions of five stereotypical student personas: The Geek, The Hipster, The Rah, The Party Animal and The Lad. It found that, not only did most students identify with The Geek on a personal level, but they would also prefer to live with a Geek over any other personality type.


Many of those surveyed said that they aspire to be the studious type instead of wasting time partying or trying to be a ‘cool’, Hipster type. With increased tuition fees, and more competition when it comes to finding a job after university, it seems that many students are swapping snakebites for Socrates.

However, when asked to describe their housemate’s personas, the most common answers were Geeks and Party Animals. This suggests that although the Geek is the dominant persona, most student households contain a mixture of those who like to work hard and those who play hard.

Ben Grech, CEO and founder of Uniplaces said: “As many people do, students like to let their hair down after spending all week in lectures and writing essays. However, with “The Geek” persona coming top of our poll, the stereotype of the student who spends every night in the student union bar could soon be a thing of the past.”

When asked ‘which if the following mostly represents you, here’s how the different personality types fared:


  1. Geek – 31%
  2. Hipster – 21%
  3. Rah – 17%
  4. Party Animal – 16%
  5. Lad – 14%


Grech added that the survey was a way for the student website to get to understand their users a lot more, while having a bit of fun. “The data supports the trend that students are taking their studies more seriously and should encourage landlords that they actually make for good tenants,” he added.

Visit Uniplaces to find out more.


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