NIS Recruitment Tragedy: Nigerian Government pledges To Offer Injured Persons Automatic Employment

In a commendable turn of events, the Nigerian government has offered to compensate those injured during the unfortunate events at Saturday’s Nigeria Immigration service’s recruitment exercise.

Three members each from the families of the 20 people who lost their lives during the stampedes across the nation will also be offered automatic employment.

The move comes just as President Goodluck Jonathan cancelled the recruitment exercise and called a council meeting to address the disastrous and regrettable incident which claimed so many young promising lives.

The announcement was made by Minister Of Information Labaran Maku, who gave a statement at the end of the weekly National Executive Council meeting, which was chaired by the president.

Mr. Maku said the president had “instructed all MDAs henceforth never to embark on any exercise of this nature in recruiting people into the public service, because what happened could have been avoided altogether,” reports the Nigerian Premium Times.

“He has directed that henceforth no one outside the army, police, who usually recruit people through physical exercises, no other MDA or department of government is allowed to embark on this type of exercise that we witnessed on Saturday,” Mr. Maku said.

Mr. Maku also stated that the entire proceeding of the FEC was dedicated to the families of the deceased.

“FEC noted with grief and deep regrets the tragedy of those who died in the ill-fated Nigeria Immigration exercise.

His statement further reads, “Our hearts go out to the families of the deceased, this nation is fully behind them, the grief is not their own, the grief is the grief of all Nigerians and the grief is the grief of the government and the people of Nigeria. We regret it and pray for the souls of those who have departed,”.

“It is regrettable that this took place at a time that every effort was being made by government to increase spaces available for employment. For example last year we were able to get 1.6 million employed in the various sectors of the economy and the public service. However this incident is so painful to all of us and we will not want to see in this country young job seekers looking for job and losing their lives in the process,” he added.

The information Minister also pledged that a review of civil service recruitment system in Nigeria will be carried out to address any lapses so that such a tragic incidence does not occur in future.

We at Naija Living commend this move by the federal government to compensate the families of the victims who lost their lives on Saturday. However, the government has a duty to the Nigerian people to hold its officials accountable. This is the ethos in Countries who genuinely have the interests of their citizens at heart and if Nigeria wants the world to take it serious as a country to be reckoned with, accountability is has to be a strong part of our nation building.

The Comptroller General of the Nigeria Immigration Service David Parradang should have done the honourable thing and resigned from office following Saturday’s incidence.

Comptroller-General Of the Nigerian Immigration Service

Comptroller-General Of the Nigerian Immigration Service

There are no excuses that are acceptable for why he is still in office. Under his watch, about 20 young promising people lost their lives in a preventable tragedy that could have been averted if he had presided over a credible recruitment exercise.

No amount of compensation from the government can bring them to their loved ones, Mr Parradang should chew on that when he goes to bed.

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