“Nigerians Need To Travel The World More”- Femi Kuti

Afrobeats legend and activist Femi Kuti has said that Nigerians should travel around the world in order to see how things are done in other parts of the world, because he said, ‘Nigerians are easily satisfied,’ with mediocre leadership.

The well travelled artist said he was ‘annoyed’ and ’embarrassed’ with the state of infrastructure in the country.

“Its so important that our people are exposed, that they have the opportunity to see the world. From the age of 16, American and Europeans are already travelling around the world.”

Addressing the poor state of infrastructure in Nigeria, the 52-year-old stressed that the fact that  many Nigerians don’t know what good roads look or feel like, or airports and electricity as you would find in countries in the west like Germany and America meant that when Nigerian leaders make small incremental changes to infrastructure, it impresses the masses.

The singer was chatting to Sahara TV’s Adeola Fayehun during an event organised by One.org on the back of the US/Africa Leaders summit earlier this month in Washington DC.

Kuti is an ambassador for the campaign whose aim to inspire youths to get involved in agriculture in a bid to reduce Africa’s over reliance on revenue from energy.

On his role as an ambassador for the campaign, he said musicians weren’t expected to do the agriculture or handle the administrative side, but rather encourage people to get involved in agriculture by spreading the word and talking about it through their art.

‘I think it’s just for musicians to just show and bring about solidarity and pressure to show that the youths want a bright future’, he said.

“Africa leaders need to know that the world is watching and they need to change.”

“They need to invest more in farming, give the youths more opportunity and stop corruption.”

The ‘bang, bang, bang‘ singer told Adeola that he felt the campaign was a ‘great idea’, adding that we need to educate Nigerian youths on the benefits of farming, and support them to ensure that they get all the resources necessary for them to be great farmers.

Not surprisingly, the question soon turned to Nigeria and its leadership with the 52-year-old slammed African leaders for failing to look after their countries, but scurrying to fly to Washington for the summit.

Kuti slammed the Nigerian leadership for not knowing what true leadership meant and said that President Jonathan should be embarrassed for not being able to provide and look after citizens back at home.

On the summit itself, the musician in his usual matter of fact way he is known and loved for said, “Let me be diplomatic, because I can be very rude.” He said he was hopeful that this time, the leaders would ‘learn’ something from the event with President Barack Obama.




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